UNO Baku Encourages Azerbaijani Youth to be Environmental Sustainable

15To highlight the responsibility of young generations working for environmental sustainability, UNO Baku organized an educational tour to the country’s biggest environmentally oriented plants, the Balakhany Recycling Plant and the Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility. Both sites are owned by “Tamiz Shahar” Joint Stock Company in Baku. The event took place on the 5th June 2014, with the participation of students from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University’s Ecology Club and local, environmental organization Friends of Nature. Overall, the aim of the event was to raise environmental consciousness among the young generation in order to achieve a sustainable future for all.

Copy of 1The tour at the plant started with a tour of areas where solid household waste is collected and then followed the diversification processes. Since being acquainted with the working system of the factory, the participants had been taken for the sightseeing tour into the Waste-to-Energy facility (a process of generating energy in the form of electricity from incinerating waste). The current factory is located just next to the former one within the ‘’Tamiz Shahar’’ JSC premises. Following the tour, a brief presentation was given by ‘’Tamiz Shahar’’ staff, which informed the participants about how, some simple changes in their daily routine would have a positive impact and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Copy of 2“The World Environment Day does serve as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment. I hope today UNO Baku’s efforts will encourage you to act in the best interest of the environment and to educate people around you,” said Zaka Guluyev, DPI team member to the gathered participants.

‘’This is great, from the view of realization of environmentally-friendly projects and the usage of alternative energies in the country. 19Before coming to Azerbaijan, I did not expect to meet such great and environmentally caring factories like this. It is a pleasure to be here,’’ said Emilie Broek, one of the event participants and international intern at the UN Office in Azerbaijan.

The event attracted media attention and was broadcasted by the leading news agency – ANS TV, which helped bring a wider audience to the day’s events