UNO Baku Raises the Red Card to Child Labour

18Joining the global campaign – “hold up a red card to child labor”, UNO Baku, in partnership with the Common Sense Youth Organization, visited the SOS Children Family Strengthening Program Office in Sumaqait to show their solidarity in giving children around the world a brand new start. The event took place on June 12, and focused on raising awareness about children’s rights and highlighted the role of social protection in keeping children out of the exploitive child labor environment.

1In order to keep children more focused on the topic, the team of the UN DPI started the event with a screening of the MDG 2 video – Achieve Universal Primary Education. Following the screening, the event continued with a broader explanation of the Red Card to Child Labor Campaign by Zaka Guluyev, a member of UNO Baku team. Mr. Guluyev stressed the importance of the event: “The day is a great opportunity to send a strong message that child labor is wrong and has no place in our modern society.” He also mentioned that the World Day against Child Labor is a good time to restate that every child has the right to free and quality public education.

9While enjoying the children’s company, UNO Baku interns, Nariman Namazov and Sabuhi Khalili broke up the children into groups and demonstrated to them how to create paper pinwheels which is counted as a symbol of the fight against child labor. Additionally, in the background was playing “Till Everyone Can See’’, which was specially written by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger as part of the Red Card campaign against Child Labor. The song is performed by the following artists: Pharrell Williams, Hans Zimmer, Dominic Lewis, Travis Barker, LIZ, and Minh Dang.

14By the end of the event, the UN DPI colleagues handed out gifts for the children prepared in advance, such as T-shirts, chocolates, and beverages. In spite of all, the most remembered gift for children was paper pinwheels, as they stated that: “The pinwheels are absolutely amazing, as they are hand-made, colorful, and they even spin when you blow on them.”

17In his closing remarks, Mr. Samir Huseynov, Project Director at the SOS Children’s Villages said: “Thank you for coming and visiting these kids and introducing them to their rights, I believe that such interactive events must be held more often, in order to educate our children about their basic human rights.” He continued, “It was also a big pleasure for us to welcome a supportive organization like the United Nations in our premises for the 2nd time during the year, and we look forward to host such sessions more often in the close future.’’