Azerbaijani Youth Discusses their Priorities for the Global Post-2015 Development Agenda

IMG_8887Opening a dialogue among civil society to discuss the future they want and to share aspirations, UNO Baku – in partnership with UNDP – organized a workshop for youth, representing different regions of Azerbaijan. The event took place in the framework of the second round of Post-2015 national consultations at UN House on 14 July 2014 and gave an opportunity for youth to influence the post-2015 development agenda.

“People from every corner of the world suggest priorities to build a collective vision that will IMG_8827be used directly by the United Nations and world leaders in order to plan a new development agenda beyond 2015,” said Ruslan Ismayil-zada, a Communications Officer of the United Nations and UN Development Programme in Azerbaijan. Facilitating the event, Mr. Ismayil-zada also mentioned that by joining the global discussion, Azerbaijani youth can also make ​​their voice to be heard.

Participants of the event analysed the Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) achievements IMG_8824and challenges in the country and discussed issues that matter in identifying Sustainable Development Goals for Azerbaijan. After three hours of heated discussions, youth participants highlighted issues that matter the most for them, among which better healthcare, good education, equality, and political freedom which were the most crucial ones for them.

“Today we discussed our priorities and views, which I hope, will help to provide our inputs to IMG_8847the global debate in implementation of the global post-2015 Development Agenda,” said workshop participant Nuriya Guliyeva.

“It was very insightful and inspiring workshop that gave us an opportunity to hear the voices of Azerbaijani youth and their desire for the future they want,” said Zaka Guluyev, UN DPI Public Information Assistant.