UNO Baku Remembers Nelson Mandela

IMG_9112Marking the first Nelson Mandela International Day since Mandela’s death in December last year, UNO Baku, in partnership with the Baku Education Information Centre (BEIC), held an interactive session for youth and adolescents about the one of the world’s greatest public figures – Nelson Mandela.  The event took place at the BEIC’s on 18 July, inspiring Azerbaijani youth to volunteer and perform community service in order to honour Mandela’s legacy.

IMG_9122The event started with the screening of UN Secretary-General’s video message in which Ban Ki-moon said: “Nelson Mandela Day is a call to action. Each of us can celebrate this Day by helping to address real problems in our communities. Together we can give great meaning to our celebration by paving the way for a better future.” Later, the event was followed by presentation, giving information about how Nelson Mandela devoted his life to the service of humanity as he fought for justice, democracy and equality.

“You can also take action and inspire change,” said UNO Baku’s team member Zaka Guluyev while informing participants about the essence of the 67 minutes campaign, which encourages people to help others. He gave examples of how one could make a difference FBthrough activities such as preparing meals for the elderly, helping out in orphanages, cleaning up parks and delivering computer literacy workshops, etc.

At the end of the event, participants had an interactive discussion about Nelson Mandela asking the UNO Baku team members interesting questions about his life and political movements.