About Us

The United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) Office in Azerbaijan is accommodated at the UN House, along with the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office at the 50th UN Anniversary Street.

Since its inception in 1992 as a branch office of the  Department of Public Information (DPI) headquartered in New York, the UN DPI in Azerbaijan is part of the local UN System, with functions similar to those of the 63 other UN Information Centers around the world. Those centers, as the principal local sources of public information about the UN system, strengthen information cooperation and enhance communications efforts at the national level and within regions through the use of information and communication technologies by building partnerships, and adopting strategic communications approaches to field work.

In Azerbaijan, as in other developing countries and countries in transition, the UN presence is strongly felt in multilateral economic and social development projects. The UN DPI Office is accountable for promoting greater public understanding and support for the aims and activities of the United Nations as well as disseminating information on the Organization’s operations for local populations.

Hence, the UN DPI as part of a broader UN System in Azerbaijan, currently composed of sixteen UN resident agencies, funds, organizations and programmes, strives, through information, to be a solid partner and catalyst to bring people together to address needs and raise awareness for the most important challenges.
To reach this goal, the UN DPI in Baku serves as an active link between the Organization’s Headquarters and the local media, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); the office provides up-to-date public information materials on the aims and activities of the United Nations in political, economic, social and humanitarian fields in the world and in Azerbaijan to a diverse local audience.

In addition to its role of disseminating information, (press releases in the English and Azerbaijani languages, various background information on the local media, NGOs, academics and governmental institutions), the UN DPI Office in Baku arranges press briefings, roundtables, information sessions for journalists, and joint field visits; assists the press and the broadcasting media in producing in-depth information materials on the work of the United Nations; and provides coordination support for events  organized by various local partners along with the UN agencies based in Azerbaijan, when needed.

The UN DPI Office also partners with various strata of Azerbaijani society, especially with communication professionals, those who are actively involved in and working on issues of concern to the United Nations and to their local communities.  Moreover, the Office leads the UN Communication Group, comprised of communication specialists from various UN agencies, as an effort to maintain coherence in communication in the UN System in Azerbaijan for the purposes of creating and ensuring a common vision.

The UN DPI Office also runs a bilingual website http://azerbaijan.unic.org in order to reach a broader audience with timely, up-to-date information. It is headed by the UN DPI Representative appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

At present, one of the main tasks of the UN DPI Office is to promote awareness for the Millennium Development Goals: the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, ensuring access to primary education, promoting of gender equality, empowerment of women, reduction of child mortality, improvement of maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases, protecting the environment, and the attainment of a global partnership for development